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At Virtual Oncology Center, we provide personalized and innovative cancer care solutions. Our team of expert oncologists and medical professionals work together to offer comprehensive support from diagnosis to recovery. With our state-of-the-art technology and research-driven approach, we ensure the best possible outcomes for our patients.

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24/7 Support

Round-the-clock assistance from our dedicated team.

Expert Oncologists

Renowned specialists in cancer care.

Professional Team

Our Professional Doctors Working For Your Health

Sevil Bavbek, MD, Prof.

Sevil Bavbek, MD, Prof.

Medical Oncologist

E. Mahmut Ozsahin, MD, Prof.

E. Mahmut Ozsahin, MD, Prof.

Radiation Oncologist

Yuksel Urun, MD, Prof.

Yuksel Urun, MD, Prof.

Medical Oncology

Akin Yildiz, MD, Prof.

Akin Yildiz, MD, Prof.

Nuclear Medicine Specialist

Medical Services

Comprehensive and Personalized Approaches to Cancer Treatment

Reassessing Diagnosis and Cancer Staging

Comprehensive review of initial diagnosis and cancer stage to ensure accurate treatment planning.

Comprehensive Genetic Analysis of the Tumor

In-depth analysis of tumor genetics to tailor personalized treatment strategies.

Innovative and Personalized Cancer Treatment Solutions

Utilizing cutting-edge technology and research to provide the best possible care for our patients.

Choose Service Pack

Choose the Service Package That Suits Your Needs

Choose from Basic to International Expert Consultation packages for personalized cancer care. Tailored to your needs.

Basic Oncology Opinion

  • Consultation with One Medical Oncologist
  • Detailed Review of Medical History and Diagnosis
  • Written Summary and Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Receive Opinion by Email
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Comprehensive Cancer Review

  • Detailed Analysis of Cancer Stage and Genetics
  • Personalized Treatment Planning
  • Access to Specialist Oncologists
  • Written Summary and Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Receive Report by Email
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International Expert Consultation

  • Consultation with Renowned International Oncologists
  • Comprehensive Treatment Strategy Development
  • Evaluation for Eligibility in International Clinical Trials
  • Written Summary and Detailed Recommendations Report
  • Receive Report by Email
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Testimonials Let's See What Our Clients Say

Our commitment to providing personalized and compassionate cancer care has touched the lives of many. Here's what our patients have to say about their experience with us. Their words reflect our dedication to excellence in oncology.


Frequently Asked Questions

Virtual Oncology Center is a platform that offers online services such as second opinions, treatment planning, and international expert consultations for cancer patients and their families.

We offer detailed analysis of cancer stage and genetics, personalized treatment planning, international expert consultations, and comprehensive treatment strategy development.

You can register on our website to access our services, consult with our specialist oncologists online, and create your treatment plan.

Online consultation allows patients and their families to consult with specialist oncologists without time and location constraints, aiding in faster and more effective decision-making in the treatment process.

Through our International Expert Consultation package, you can consult online with renowned oncologists worldwide and receive a second opinion on your treatment plan.

Personalized treatment planning is a treatment strategy tailored to the patient's type of cancer, stage, genetic makeup, and overall health, making the treatment more effective and individualized.

The Comprehensive Cancer Review includes a detailed analysis of cancer stage and genetics, personalized treatment planning, access to specialist oncologists, and a written medical report.

Yes, Virtual Oncology Center uses the latest security protocols to protect the privacy of patients' personal and medical information.

You can review the package details on our website or contact us for more information to choose the package that suits your needs.

Payments can be made through our secure online payment systems using a credit card or bank transfer.
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